Why is Mahmoud Abu Hanafy? Moustafa is Darsh and Hassan is Abu Ali?


My fellow Egyptian cousin once told me that the Egyptian people got together and agreed on a few things in the culture. Then I thought about it and realized that he was absolutely right. Now I don’t really have the exact dates in history, but I know it happened.

Allow me to explain.

One of those strange unexplainable things in the culture is this million-dollar question: Why is Mahmoud’s nickname is Abu Hanafy and Moustafa’s is Darsh and Hassan’s is Abu Ali? Please, I beg you guys. I need to know this information. Well not really, but these mysterious questions make life more interesting and a great idea for a pointless article. Don’t you think so?

The most famous Mahmoud in the world!

The most famous Mahmoud in the world! He’s probably searched all his life for the answer.

Let’s break it down a little bit. Mahmoud has seven letters. Abu Hanafy has nine letters. From this observational analysis we see that we have two different names that clearly have nothing in common. Let’s break it down further. Mahmoud has 2 A’s and Abu Hanafy also has 2 A’s. Ahh, now we’re getting closer. I think we’re onto something here guys. Let’s keep going and see what happens! I’m totally kidding! I’m not going to waste your time with the further breakdown of this question because it’s pointless and you wouldn’t be interested in learning about that. Point is, the nickname Abu Fanafy is not even close enough to be validated as a nickname for Mahmoud. It’s really not fair to Mahmoud. I swear I’m not taking crazy pills.

Let’s move one because you read this much about Mahmoud and it’s only fair for you to know and learn why Moustafa is Darsh and Hassan is Abu Ali. This is also to all the Moustafa’s and Hassan’s out that have pondered this question, so please allow me to continue with this fascinating analysis.

I believe Moustafa is in fact Darsh. He has to be. Who else can he be? He just can’t Moustafa guys. That’s too easy. He also must be Darsh. Is Darsh the Tyler Durdan version of Moustafa? Help me out here fellows. We need to get together and figure this out. We need facts! Pronto!

Is this guy really Moustafa in disguise?

Is this guy really Moustafa in disguise?

Last but not least, Hassan is Abu Ali because in a past life, Ali is Hassan’s son. Mind blasting! Take a minute to think about that. That’s all I’m going to say.


Hassan, the one we found on Google

In conclusion every Mahmoud knows that he is Abu Fanafy and every Moustafa knows that he is Darsh and finally every Hassan knows that it’s his God given right to be Abu Ali!

The facts will always remain a mystery but that’s just life and like I said earlier, I’m certain this happened in history and I don’t know when and frankly I’m tired and I really don’t give a sh*t anymore. We just have to accept it for what it is; culture. Stupid fu*king culture!
So tag all your Mahmoud’s, Moustafa’s and Hassan’s in this article. Remember, it’s only fair for them to know the answers to these questions too.