What Up With the Googs? Google’s New Alphabet


In recent news that was just published a while ago (ten years in Internet time), Google has created a new mother company called “Alphabet”. Yep just like the alphabet. Pretty clichè from a bunch of genius nerds. But when you’re a billionaire, you can do anything. Literally, anything. You can call the new company Sh*t if you wanted to and the community would praise you and call it “artistic”. Apparently Sergey Brin and Larry Page stopped loving their baby and gave it up for adoption and an Indian dude took over it as CEO. Not the most traditional way to do adoption but when you’re the GOOGS, again, you can do anything.  Joking aside, congratulations to everyone involved in these projects and to new CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai. You gonna kill it brother!

Google Alphabet

Google Alphabet, Courtesy of Google Blog

In case you were wondering, Google according to their blog will be responsible for Search, advertising, YouTube, email, maps, and of course Chrome and Android. Alphabet on the other hand will be taking over as an umbrella company and will house Google, Nest, Fiber, and Google wearables like Google Glass.

google- alphabet

google- alphabet

Final Words

If Google found a way to make even more money, this is probably it. Good for them! Is this going to make a significant difference in your life personally? Probably not! Unless they make that space elevator that they’ve been talking about!