True Caller Has Become the Number One Stalker Program of All Time!!!


Yep, you read the title correctly folks. Sorry to break it to you but we’ve been doing our research and we’ve uncovered some real sh*t. Real sh*t. You don’t even know how bad it is, but we happily invite you to read our intriguing findings. Below are a few things True Caller can do and it’s a bit creepy. You’ll find out how True Caller Has Become the Number One Stalker Program of All Time!!!


True Call Discover

Their latest version is quite cunning. Really, it is. The main page of the application invites you to “Discover” the people around you. Last time I checked, the people I had in my phonebook were actual people I met in real life before. I didn’t have to depend any fancy ”Discover” option in a mobile application. Unfortunately, that’s what our world is today. Is it sad? Yes. It is it fixable, probably not, but have some hope God damn it! Anyways, read on to see other amazing new capabilities that it has! Yay!

Search for your Crush (Stalkee) Feature is now NEW AND IMPROVED!!!

There is a search option that helps you search for the person you’re looking for. And wow, I just realized how much of that statement sounded borderline stalker-ish. Anyways, I digress. Point is, let’s put this into perspective for you. Break it down nice and simple. Clears throat Ahem. PEOPLE CAN FIND YOU AND POSSIBLY GET YOUR NUMBER WITH A SEARCH OPTION!!!

Back in the day, hypothetically speaking if you met someone randomly and only got her name, it would take a miracle for you to meet her again. No search option. No Facebook. No Instagram. Now, let’s fast-forward shall we? 2015—when tech reigns king –where all these lovely applications make this the norm…FOR STALKERS!!!

And now let’s go back a minute. You met that same girl and through the event, you managed to score her Twitter because numbers are for landlines obviously and are totally overrated. Seriously, when was the last time you called a landline? Not that much probably, just as the fact that you don’t try and talk to girl by getting her number from a mobile application. Don’t know if that metaphor will hit home for most of you but if you get it. Tap yourself on the shoulder. You deserve it.

Suggested Option

True Caller Main

Since the search option doesn’t really compensate for your needs, True Caller teams up with you and totally becomes your wingman with the yep, you guessed it; new and improved suggested option. Boom! I know, exciting stuff! So when you’re feeling down because you couldn’t get that girl’s Twitter at the party that you found out about on Facebook and managed to see her on Instagram somehow, now magically appears in the “Suggested” tab. Maybe the universe wanted you to meet her and that’s why she showed up there. Maybe, just maybe you got really super excited and thanked the universe and then True Caller tells you to upgrade! And why? Because fu*k you, that’s why! You stalker!!! Who does that seriously?

Anyways, don’t be fooled and just turn off your phone and go outside. Enough of this anti-social media stuff…

Final Words

Fuck True Caller :)