Teatro Maadi

Al Hezb El Comedy at Teatro Maadi

Al Hezb El Comedy at Teatro Maadi

Name: Teatro Maadi
Location: Maadi
Address: 10, Street 200, Degla, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Venue Since: 2014
Capacity: 200

The Story: Teatro is essentially an Alexandrian venue which invited Al Hezb El Comedy in 2012 to perform in the Backstreet Festival, an annual event that hosts international artits. They opened up Teatro Maadi to offer stand up comedy in this incredible venue in Maadi, Cairo in 2014. It’s situated next to the Embassy of South Africa and allows people to come from all sides of Cairo. We’re happy to see them grow and to help expand the cultural scene.
Description:  Teatro ElMaadi (TEM) is a new cultural space and social hub established in 2014 in Cairo. Located at 200 St., in Maadi district, TEM encourages its visitors to celebrate art and culture whilst socializing with fellow members of the community in an inspiring ambiance.

Housed in a multi-purpose villa, TEM offers a vast array of services; mini-performances, film screenings, meet ups and networking events, training and capacity building opportunities in the arts field feature alongside children’s activities and a cultural café serving delicious home made snacks. The space also serves as a non-traditional exhibition space; a gallery displaying the latest in Egyptian handicrafts and a boutique bookshop.

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