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At Al Hezb El Comedy, we’re not just comedians, we’re professionals. Below are a number of services we provide to ensure that your business is ten steps ahead of the game. Whether you require content development catered to your audience or giving a seminar, we always make sure that we provide you with the best high quality viral content that makes you stand out. Our clients include Comedy Central, Mastercard, TRACCS, Four Seasons, Qsoft, TubeStarNetwork and many more!

Content Development

We are content developers. Whether it’s conceptualizing a new idea for your product or service or building on something you already have. We will make sure that the content that we deliver for your business is always fresh and that it captures all the audiences. Remember, comedy is universal and humour spreads.

Script Punch Ups/ Script Writing/ Ghost Writing

Are you a script writer that need us to refine your script and punch it up? Or are you a production company that needs a script writer to hire? Do you require a ghost writer that will deliver tasks in a quick time frame? At Al Hezb El Comedy, we pride ourselves in working with the best. Our team can always ensure punching up your scripts and delivering the highest quality of writing.


We cater content to anything our clients require. Our injection of comedy in any article we write will make it stand out from the rest of your competition because we make sure to build on what your brand already offers, through humour. We publish all our articles from different comedians in Al Matbakh, which is where you can find all the strangest things on the internet.

Workshops/ Seminars

We conduct workshops and seminars to teach our clients different skill-sets that a comedian possesses such as public speaking, team building and body language. We don’t teach academics. We teach our personal experience from being on stage. Being a comedian isn’t just about telling jokes, it’s about being fully composed on stage and conveying your message effectively. This is the value we bring to your organization. Our skills plus our team know how to show our clients what they need to move forward.

Social Media Management

Everyone is hiring people to manage their social media channels nowadays. It’s usually quite difficult to pinpoint a certain tone or voice for a client and most brands usually find that humour is the best way to go when hiring someone to manage their digital profiles. We specialize in making sure that your brand’s message tone gets conveyed through comedy. We have had the privilege of working with Qsoft and TubeStarNetwork and managed other accounts along the way.

Product Placement

The most common form of marketing your brand is available with Al Hezb El Comedy. Whether it is through articles, videos or even plain old rollups placed at our events, when you position your product with us, your audience will automatically know about it. Most companies are spending good portions of their marketing budgets to conduct focus groups. We have that focus group in front of us at every event we plan. Shoot us an email for further inquires.

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