Room Art Space

Room Art Space

Room Art Space

Name: Room Art Space

Location: Garden City, Downtown

Address: 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin st., Garden City, Cairo, Egypt

Venue Since: 2014

Capacity: 80

The Story:  Al Hezb El Comedy opened up Room Art Space to offer stand up comedy in this cozy venue in Garden City, Cairo. It’s unique position allows people to come from all sides of Cairo and it’s discreet location makes it very discreet to find.

Description:  Room occupies the basement of 10 Tolombat Street, Although seemingly just another Belle Epoque building in Garden City, 10 Tolombat Street hides plenty of rich history. During World War II the British Army made it their headquarters and nicknamed it “Number 10”. In secret dispatches British
officials referred to 10 Tolombat as “Grey Pillars”.

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