Rise Up 2015: A Comedian’s Perspective


If you haven’t heard, Rise Up Summit has returned for its third year now and it is quite spectacular. Sporting over 4000 participants, The Greek Campus in Downtown Cairo is filled with everyone that either needs some funding for their startup, are important speakers from all over the world, or me, a comedian thinking about how I can connect all those aspects together to benefit and to help as much as I can. Here is a list of why you should invest in coming to this wonderful event but from a comedian’s perspective since we are well, comedians. Rise Up 2015: A Comedian’s Perspective

1. You need that money


Recently the Middle East has seen a swarm of entrepreneurship. Everyone and their mother is fighting to be an entrepreneur and millions of ideas has been launched in the region. Since the ecosystem is still very young, there isn’t lots of capital that is allocated for all those entrepreneurs. Luckily, the good people at Rise Up have brought us some people with money from all over the world. Here is what you need to do as an entrepreneur in order to get that money. Three things. Are you ready? Confidence, a good pitch and charisma and always think big. Like 200 million users big. Monthly users. *drops mic*. Remember guys, investors are just regular human beings as well. They are! I’ve seen them! They even call them angels! I know! Crazy right?

2. You need that advice 11420532-The-words-Need-Some-Advice-in-3D-words-and-a-question-mark-asking-if-you-require-help-assistance-or--Stock-Photo

Hey who doesn’t like free advice. I’ll tell you who doesn’t. Nobody. Everybody loves free advice. Unless you are thick headed, then please this is not for you. Humble it down buddy. Let’s put it together in an infomercial way. Ready? Are you sick and tired of constantly failing? Are you putting in the hours without any decent results? Do you sometimes feel like quitting? Fear not! There are people at Rise Up that give you *looks around room* FREE ADVICE. Yes, you read that correctly folks! Free freaking advice! Need to know why you’re not doing so well? How about you introduce yourself to someone from a venture capital firm. For our non business readers, venture capitalists are the guys with the money. You get the idea. Free good advice. Get some!

3. You need to feel the positive energy


Remember the days of the revolution when everyone was united for one cause and all that positive energy was felt. That unity that gathered everyone? At Rise Up, you feel that spirit of positive energy. You feel the people and the impact they want to make. It’s an incredible thing to experience. You can look around any corner and strike up a conversation with any random person and it would be intriguing! I know this because I’ve done it. Intriguing I tell you! Let me take a moment to spread some of that positive energy through this screen. Close your eyes. Now open them so you can continue reading this awesome tip. Take a deep breath and think about the most positive thing ever. Boom, your life just changed. No gratitude required :)

4. You are bored


Look if you’re bored, I’m telling you man or woman, go and socialize in Rise Up and get inspired.With all these different people here, you’re bound to get an idea which leads us to the very next point. You have the next big idea.

5. You have the next big idea


Not everyone thought about sliced bread. It only took one guy to look bread from a different point of view and think “How about we slice this bad boy into thin slices”. Boom and toast happened! Although that idea by itself was pretty genius, there are many others out there that we can capitalize on. I personally believe that ideas are borrowed. They’re sent down from above and if we don’t act on them, then someone else will and they will implement it. Fear not if you have an idea, you never know if it can be the next big thing since sliced bread or Google or Apple or any of those big companies.

6. You want to meet new people

Dave McClure and I

Look, 4000 attendees dispersed in one place are a lot of people that you can meet. In the first day, I met an awesome speaker and founder of 500 Startups Dave McClure We even took a picture together! I met Elissa Freiha, who wants to empower women all over the Middle East and teach them how to invest with her platform Womena. Power to you homie! I met old friends and made new ones. It is a generally pimping good time!


Elissa Freiha, Womena


Babyboon Founder and I

7. You can really afford expensive Hot Dogs


Ok I’m not going to lie but 25 EGP for a hot dog is just too much money man. It’s just a hot dog. I can make it at home and pimp it out and make it rock my world. I was hungry and it was good but seriously 25 pounds! It’s good because they don’t need investors but WTF! WTF in this context is referring to how awesome the hot dog and is an abbreviation for Where’s the Food,  just in case you were wondering.



The Riseup signage was on the yellow wall but they took it down before I can take a photo :(

Rise Up is an extraordinary event and this year is definitely a turning point for them. I’m proud of the team that has pulled this off and wish them all the success. If you didn’t attend this year, please do next year inshAllah if you are a like-minded individual that wants to change the world, but first start with your country. To success and nothing less! Cheers!