Saif “Steve Kandel” Abu-Kandil

Member since:2012
Location:Agami, Alexandria, Cairo
Language:English and Arabic
Background:“Steve Kandel” started his career in London in October 2002. In 2004, he was the first Egyptian to do stand up comedy in Agami, Alexandria and Egypt. Throughout the years of his journey, he has only been in Egypt for the past 8 years and joined Al Hezb El Comedy in 2012 at its One Year Anniversary.His anecdotes and intuitive way of delivering jokes makes audiences think after leaving the show. His observations are spot on and is able to capture audience members through his wit and intellect of everyday regular situations. In 2014, Saif has taken the platform to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at The Stand Comedy Club. You can find him hosting or regularly performing with the troupe.


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