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Al Hezb El Comedy (AHC) is an independently organized open-mic platform and troupe dedicated to standup, musical and sketch comedy. Launched in August 2011 by Hashem El Garhy, Al Hezb El Comedy has grown, positioning itself as the “go-to” brand for humor, satire, and anything in between. It has boasted 60+ successful shows and open mics, attended by hundreds of people.
Al Hezb El Comedy is proud to have over 30+ comedians in its roster. Everyone comes from a diversified background, offering top-notch comedy that capture audiences of all ages. We’re proud to mention that our members have been featured in Kit Kat’s Comedy Break and have performed internationally in venues in Montreux, London, Edinburgh, New York, Frankfurt, Toronto, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
In 2013, nearly two years after its inception, Al Hezb El Comedy caught the attention of CNN International and many other news outlets from local to regional.
In 2014, Al Hezb El Comedy pioneered a new open-mic concept that has been featured in over 12 international news outlets including Sky News Arabia, CCTV, ENCA Africa, NDR (German News Station) and Africa Live.
In August 2014, Al Hezb El Comedy took the steps to going global by performing its first international showcase entitled “Falafel, Houmous and Baba Ganoush” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at The Stand Comedy Club.


Al Hezb El Comedy’s mission is to always deliver high quality content through consistent events, new media and other tools of self-expression. The current need is to have a platform for comedians to go to in order to have a sense of belonging as opposed to being out in a relatively new market.
Al Hezb El Comedy has been addressing this problem since its inception in 2011 by creating an underground comedy scene that bridges this gap. This platform gives the opportunity for aspiring stand-up comedians to showcase their talents as well as give the people a chance to enjoy alternative entertainment. We also plan to eventually breed a culture into understanding what stand-up comedy is and in doing so, will be building a physical space within 5 years.
Al Hezb El Comedy is a community-based organization. It facilitates a new way to penetrate social tiers of society. By offering this self-expression tool to the masses, it will create an opportunity for all tiers of society. Everyone will know that there will be no more segregation between the social dogmas.


“Al Hezb El Comedy’s vision is to continue providing high quality comedy to all age groups and to foster a community that will be a changing factor in Egypt.”

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