A Positive Note from a Jazz Man- Ahmed Harfoush’s Thoughts on New Suez Canal Opening


This post has been reposted from local awesome and Jazz man, Ahmed Haroush. His message was so powerful that we asked to kindly republish it here. Please enjoy A Positive Note from A Jazz Man!

New Suez Canal

New Suez Canal

Today we – Egyptians – celebrate the upgrading of the legendary Suez Canal and its aid to hopefully boost the economy for Egypt and the world.

A few notes:
– 20 extra feet have been dug throughout the whole canal, therefore allowing bigger cargo ships to pass through, providing increased income for the country.
– An annex of 35 kilometres has been dug from scratch within one year which will majorly aid the flow of ships through the canal without the need for some to dock/stop to give way for other ships to pass.
– A fortification of the canal banks was carried out through the installation of boulders on both banks throughout the major part of the canal, to prevent sand residuals throughout time.

A big thank you to all the workmen, engineers and experts involved in this atrociously massive project which took about 13 months of hard work.

We hope the inauguration event and project will raise the morale of the country and its citizens who have gone through recent rough times.

There is sooooo much that is expected of the President, the government and Egyptians in order to bring Egypt back to a civilised and functioning state. However, this can only be done through consistent hard work from everyone, upgrading and instituting a proper functioning education system, raising awareness and instillation of principles through campaigning, respecting others and avoiding negativity as much as we can.
Let’s hope this works. It will take a lifetime but I think we can do it. We have many many problems but this is a step, of many.
Only time will tell.
Please share and spread positivity. We need it.