6 Infidelious Things to Do This Eid!


We thought that the title would grab your attention and now you’re here. Yay! Marketing works! Everyone has been writing about things to do this Eid break and since today is the last day of Ramadan, we wanted to wish you all a Eid Mubarak to you and your families and to also compile a list of all the infidelious (not really) things that will probably go down this long weekend. This list is in no apparent order but it will highlight activities you might end up doing.

1.  Beach Party in Sa7el


Whether you’re going to be partying in the likes of Hacienda, Marassi, Diplo, Ghazala or Amwaj and all those super baller places, be sure to have a pimping good time. You fasted Ramadan and you now you should reward yourself. Right? Of course you should! Go nuts! Just don’t end up with doing number 2 on this list and you should be alright!

2. “Have b*tches in your living room until 6 in the morning”


Hey it’s just a song lyric okay? Not our words but the one and only Snoop Dogg’s. All we’re saying is that you might be beach partying all night long so you end up going to someone’s living room for the after party(doesn’t necessarily need to be yours) and meeting a drunk individual who might turn out to be a hardcore b*tch. Look guys, these situations happen. We just have to accept it. It’s okay. Shhhhh. It’s going to be fine. We promise.

3. Get Sh*t-Faced


We’re not promoting getting inebriated( getting super drunk) but let’s face the facts. People will get super drunk this Eid and that’s their choice. We don’t hate or criticise. It’s just a fact of life. Now when you’re super drunk, let’s hope that you might not end up in someone’s living room and staying until 6 in the morning. Boom! See what we did there?  Just drink responsibly please.

4. Spend quality time with Family

family time
If you didn’t get a chance to spend some quality time with your family this Ramadan because you were too busy being invited to all other Iftar parties, do that this weekend. Also, if you’re not on the beach in sa7el, having b*tches in your living room until 6 in the morning or getting sh*t faced, you should really hang out with your mom and dad. Perhaps, maybe you want to discuss World War II with your ageing grandmother or grandfather. They’ve seen some sh*t! My grandmother is 97 and she doesn’t remember anything about it! EXCITING! Point is of course what better time to do that then in Eid? So go spend time your crazy family now!

5. Enjoy some Ka7k (Eid pastries)


While you are enjoying your grandmother or grandfather’s tales of World War II, you will definitely need to get some ka7k. Who doesn’t love that powdered sugar Middle Eastern cookies filled with more sugar and diabetes? I definitely don’t but that’s just one opinion. All the other 95,141,123 million Egyptians probably love it. For me, I just enjoy WWII stories minus the ka7k.

6. Stay in Cairo


If you’re not going to be doing any of the above, there is nothing better than staying in empty Cairo when it resembles a ghost town. You can actually have peace and quite and serenity. You can even do YOGA! In peace! What? You can do yoga in peace? Yes you really can.

Final Words

Just make sure you’re going to have a great time whether it’s getting hammered or spending time with the family. If you have any other suggestions on what to do this Eid, please feel free to comment below. Eid Mubarak!