6 Different Things Egyptian Grandmothers will Do Around Your Home (If they live with you)


There are many things in life that we just have to accept. One of those things is your grandmother living with you if life puts you in that position. If they live with you, we’ve compiled a list of 6 Different Things Egyptian Grandmothers will Do Around Your Home. These things may seem obvious but most things in life are. Enjoy :)

1. Clean

Like it or not, your grandmother, doesn’t matter which side of the family she’s from, she will be cleaning your house. This will extremely frustrate your parents and make them possibly fight about how she shouldn’t be cleaning. Grandmothers usually avert this fight with your parents by being very inconspicuous about their cleaning habits. They will have their cleaning utensils nearby them so that when the time is right, they’ll strike hard against those dust particles that cued their OCD to kick in. For those of you that allow this phenomenon to happen, be sure to make them feel appreciated, although they’re not waiting for it. They do it out of the kindness and boredom of their hearts. Obviously.

2. Cook

female chopping food ingredients

Don’t let this happen. Your grandmother has been cooking for her children all their lives and is so used to doing that, it naturally gets passed onto cooking for her grandchildren. It really brings them joy. Next time your lovely grandmother whips up something in the kitchen, after you’ve consumed their delicious meal, tell them that it was the best thing that you’ve ever had in your life. Watch as a huge smile the width of the Nile River gets magically drawn on their face. They love it. It’s their cocaine. They will always love to cook for us and watch us eat happily what they’ve created. It’s just biology people.

3. Ask for lots of things


I can’t speak for everyone but my grandmother has invaded my house. Not invaded like an Israeli occupation. Well actually, just like an Israeli occupation but much more friendlier. She has centered herself inside the living room premises with lots of tables around her so she can keep everything that she needs around her vicinity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing and I’m not upset. She’s my grandmother for Christ’s sake. Alright, I’m a little upset. I hate Israel. You guys get what I’m trying to say. Point is, if she doesn’t happen to have everything around her that she needs, she’ll always start to ask for what she’s missing from her premises. Whether it’s her medicine, a glass or bottle of water, a spoon, fork, knife, a mango, pear, any assortment of cheese but usually gebna beda without salt (grandmothers don’t like too much salt), you name it and she’ll ask for it, so be prepared. Also, remember that you can be making multiple trips to the kitchen when you already went like three times already. There will always be something missing. Trust me. There will be. I don’t make this stuff up.

4. Order lots of food

ordering food

Your fridge can be abundantly filled with food. I’m talking about chicken, meat, duck, fish, fruits, vegetables and everything in between. Yet, grandmothers find it necessary to always order more food. I don’t know why this happens but since I’m talking through my own personal experience, my fridge has become like a jigsaw puzzle and I always take a good five minutes to move things around in order to make room for the extra stuff grandma ordered.

5. Order lots of medicine


If you are afraid that you might not have that stomachache medicine in your medicine cabinet, fear not! Your grandmother got your back! Whether you have a headache, stomachache or any ache for that matter, there is a 95% chance that your grandmother has it in her own medicine bag. If she doesn’t, fear not once more because she has the pharmacy on speed dial and everyday she orders an overabundance of medicine just to be on the safe side.

6. Plan your entire family’s meals


When your grandmother lives with you, she will literally plan out the entire family meal plan for the whole week. She’s more concerned about your stomach then you or your mother is. They’re so cute! Look at them so caring and loving. Don’t you feel better knowing that your meals for the week are sorted out? Don’t you feel comfortable knowing that you’re coming home to a nice warm meal that Teta has prepared? Feels good doesn’t it? It’s that nice feeling that will eventually drive you crazy because when you don’t eat what they’ve prepared, they’ll flip out on you in a nice grandmotherly way.

Final Words

Whether or not your grandmother lives with your family, appreciate what they want to do for you. They just want what’s best for your well being and usually shower you with lots of love in the form of food and 7ob and 7enia. Appreciate it! Share this article if you love your grandmother and agree with what we’re saying :)