6 Boosts of Positive Energy For the Day!


I’m a big believer of positive energy being all around us and that we can harness it and make everything in our lives possible. Our dreams. Our aspirations. Our happiness. We can reach it all. This article is less comedy and more on the positive motivational side. But who said that you couldn’t throw some motivation in between the comedy right? You make your own rules! Anyways, read on and see what you can do throughout your day to always keep the positive energy flowing. We love to spread to positivity to everyone so please share this to make someone’s day!



Happiness is neither purchased nor achieved. It’s a constant state of mind. Whether or not you can understand that is a whole other article. Point is, it’s simple. It is your choice to be happy despite all the circumstances that life throws at you. So don’t worry, keep your head up and you’ll be fine. Remember, we’re meant to thrive not crash in the ride. So always stay happy!!! Or at least try to. We know life is hard but the key is to be positive. Always.


Whenever I need to uplift my mood, I listen to uplifting happy music. Pretty simple equation, right? I actually use a playlist a friend sent me that he uses for work. It’s always good to escape in your headphones and surrender your thoughts to focusing on what your heart really desires. Trust me. It’ll make you smile. Or your money back guaranteed. Not really, but you get the idea.


kung fu panda
The Wise Tortoise in Kung Fu Panda said it best; “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is gift. That’s why it’s called the present”. I was blown away hearing those words. I thought how could a tortoise be so wise? Those words resonated with me. We have to live in the now; the present moment. This very moment that is passing by as you’re reading this article. This one. Cherish it because life is just moments. Take it in. Right click, save it into your memories folder because it’s up to us whether we’re going to let them slip or enjoy each one to the max. It’s your choice. So share this article. Live that moment after reading this. Kidding…but not really. It really helps when you share :)


People are starving in Africa. You didn’t expect me to start this next headline with that did you? Nope! Anyways, if we are all grateful for everything that we have in life (food, water, shelter, luxurious material goods), we’ll truly be happier. If you take a moment to sit there and really appreciate it all, it’ll work wonders for you. You’ll have peace in your heart and you’ll always be on the path to happiness. Remember, people are starving in Africa. Just remember that.


Mother always told me a smile a day keeps the infidels away. Relax guys; it’s just a joke. But the truth behind it is that if you do smile everyday, you’ll live longer. Now that’s science. Just dropping facts. And if you laugh everyday, you’ll generally be happier. Just don’t laugh in a maniacal way that would creep people out. You know what we mean. :)



Sometime in your life, you’re going to be in a dire situation and don’t know what to do and feel like the whole world is sitting on your shoulders about to make you fall down. Fear not! Don’t freak out. It happens to everyone. All you have to do is take three deep breathes while closing your eyes and not think about anything. It really helps and will literally “clear your head”. So give it a shot and trust me, you’ll be one step closer to having a happier day!


It’s your job to make yourself happy. No one else will do it for you. Not because they don’t love you but because they’re too busy caught up in their own life. So just breathe, smile, be grateful and listen to soothing music for your soul and I guarantee you a happier day! At least give it a shot. Ask yourself. What do you have to lose? Happy Eid!