5 Steps on How to Prove Your Arab Parents Wrong (A Guide)


I know this is a highly debated topic and as Middle Eastern people, we are faced with the norm of following in the footsteps of our parents to carry out their legacies and what they want for us whether we want it or not. It’s cool though. That shouldn’t stop us from following our dreams. Should it? After all, they are just our parents’ right?
However, this article is not about our parents or their legacies. It’s about you. Every single one of you and what you want in this life. Remember, we’re all here on borrowed time and it’s up to us to do what we want to do with our lives. This 5-step guide will show you How to prove your Arab Parents Wrong. You’re welcome. I do the research so you don’t have to.

1. Don’t Become a Doctor, Engineer or Accountant

Accountant doctor-6 portrait-of-an-enginee

This is exactly what they want us to do. Unless you really want to become a doctor, engineer or accountant, don’t do it. It’s a going to be time consuming and hectic and stressful. I’m not advocating not listening to your parents, I’m just saying that you need to become what you truly want to become in this life. It’s only fair to you.

2. Become an Entrepreneur or Get a Really Good Job


You don’t have to just have to become an entrepreneur to prove your parents wrong. Do it because you want to have that responsibility. Do it because you have a dream. Do it because you want to change the world. Some parents would definitely argue with you that you might not have enough experience to start your own business and to be your own boss. You know, what? They’re right. I have to give credit where it’s due. However, that should be your fuel to push you to make your dream happen and manifest.

3. Make Your Own Money


Once that baby idea of yours starts to grow up into a toddler idea and then into a grownup idea, you’ll eventually start to make your own money. Yay! Biggest challenge here is not making money but making enough money to make your parents know that your future is “stable and secure”. Yes those are exact words that I hear until this day. Our parents just want to see us successful and to them, if you’re not making bank with your project then you should re-evaluate yourself.

4. Move Out of Your Parents House

moving out

Once you’ve made enough money to be stable and secure, it’s time to move out of your parent’s house and spread your wings. At this point in time, your parent’s dinner conversations with their guests would be boasting about your success in whatever you’re doing. Just remember; always make sure that you’re making enough cash dough stacks to bake the bread. It also helps to get a sexy apartment and a really nice car. You owe it to yourself.

5. Become Super Successful

Don't you want to be the next Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey?

Don’t you want to be the next Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey?

You’ve made it whether you run a successful business or have a really awesome job that guarantees that income that will cover your sexy apartment and nice car. Now what you ask? Keep doing it. Just like the clock keeps going, so should you. Let the hunger drive you to bigger ambitions and successes. Once you’ve made your mark, you’ll be able to have successfully proven your Arab parents wrong. Congratulations, tap yourself on the shoulder and high-five yourself.

6. Get Married without their Financial Support (Optional)


This step is optional if you can do it, if not don’t worry about it. It’s good enough that you’ve reached the 5 steps. That by itself is a milestone. If you can do it, then again, congratulations on getting married or engaged or whatever you did.

Final Words

Our parents always want what’s best for us. They’re our parents. Not strangers. No matter how hard they fight you, they do it because they care about you very very much. We all won’t know that unless we have children of our own and the parents out there reading this would totally agree right now. Point is, follow your dreams and make sure to prove yourself right before proving everyone else wrong.