5 Different Types of شباشب (Slippers) that Egyptians Been Furiously Beaten with Growing Up!


It’s that that time of the year when we celebrate our mothers! For everyone today who are with their mothers now at a nice lunch or dinner, great job. Make sure that you show them a good time. Let’s take a moment to thank our mothers for raising and taking care of us in every way shape and form. This article is dedicated to them. However, here at Al Hezb El Comedy, we thought about everything that is not cliché and figured why not compile a list that we’re all going to be familiar with? Below are different types of شباشب ( slippers) that we’ve seen growing up. We know Egyptians don’t beat their kids anymore but for those who us who have seen these شباشب below, it’ll be a nice jog down memory lane. And also, Happy Mothers Day MOMS!!!!

The infamous green شبشب that we’ve all come to adore

1. The Green شبشب (Slipper)

This little guy is very agile and if thrown correctly can reach speeds of up to 1k/hr. Egyptian moms have used this شبشب for more than 50 years and it has graced many of our backs and faces countlessly as we grew up.

They’re sooo cute!!!


2. The Night Time شبشب (Slipper)

Mothers usually have this شبشب for their own comfort. They wear it when going to bed. Dare you piss them off and don’t expect it flying at you but instead it being used to slap you over the head. It won’t hurt as much but a little act-out would make Mom sleep better at night. That was back in the day. We haven’t seen this guy for a while.

Not the wooden شبشب!

Not the wooden شبشب!

3. The Teta شبشب (The wooden grandmother)

Notice this piece is excellently crafted from a hard piece of wood. FOR A REASON! You better pray to God that you didn’t do anything wrong. Back in the day, this wooden monster was used just to inflict us with lots of pain. Not for our mothers or grandmothers to wear them. The شبشب manufacture knew that for a fact. He probably had a similar upbringing of شباشب thrown at them. Poor guy.


Never underestimate the blue شبشب


4. The Blue شبشب

This blue guy is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. It’s built to be thrown. It can be used to toss over great distances and will hit its target efficiently and effectively. Don’t ever underestimate this شبشب. It can easily scar you for life. Literally, this thing was thrown at my head and from seeing it at a distance, I ducked down, tripped over a table and scratched my knee. Blue شبشب, you son of a bitch…you!

Black Panthers

Black Panthers

5. The Black Panther شبشب

We know that you’ve all seen this شبشب. Many Egyptian women have been seen wearing this and this is also FOR A REASON! Not only is this guy the most common of all the شباشب in Egypt,  but it is the most efficient. It does damage quickly and can be used by all members of the family. It is agile and can be used from distances so make sure to avoid it when you see it coming!

Well, there you have it! We hope that you enjoyed this quick list of شباشب. Make sure to not piss of your mothers and show them a great Mother’s Day!