3 Underrated Foods Egyptian Mothers Make (that you can find in your refrigerator)


Did you know that your Egyptian mother has special powers and can make strange and weird food that will make your life much better? Below are a few examples of what might you encounter when you’re browsing for your next snack or meal in your refrigerator. Mind you, these are totally underrated and in our books they rank pretty high. So next time you encounter them, be grateful that these different dishes will uplift your mood once ingested. So please enjoy 3 Underrated Foods Egyptian Mothers Make (that you can find in your refrigerator).

Maraaba (Homemade Jam) مربى


Yummy strawberry, apricot and strawberry jam.

How many people do you know can personally make their very own homemade jam? Seriously, you probably don’t know many. And do you know why you might not know anyone who makes jam; beautiful lovely, sticky, delicious jam? Because no one makes it anymore! Except for two people. You know who they are? Your mother and your grandmother. That’s pretty much it. Now don’t get me wrong but that homemade jam they make is so baller. Tastes like angels got some unicorn blood and mixed with some strawberries from heaven. Seriously, you guys have to try my mom’s maraba. It’s bomb diggity dizzle (slang for awesome).

Now because of the rare occasion of which the jam is made, it must be stored carefully away from everyone. However, if you search correctly you will find it. Don’t worry, we got your back. You’ll find that maraba. It’s usually stored in the last shelf of the fridge, behind the leftovers on the right hand side in an old Nescafé jar. You’ll know that it’s it when you open the lid and hear the following heavenly song in B flat “hhaaaaaaa”. Enjoy. If you are not a fan of strawberry jam, you might end up finding different types of jam in your fridge. All you have to do is ask your mom and she’ll tell you that she just ordered 2kg of peach so she can make peach jam. What I’m personally waiting for here though and  have yet to see is some mango jam. I’d probably pay lots of money for that. Well not really but you get the point. I just spent two paragraphs talking about jam, what else do you expect me to say?

Betengan Makhlel (Pickled Aubergine)  البتنجان المخلل

البتنجان المخلل

Most Egyptian households make their own form of pickled awesomeness. One form of that is betengan makhlel. It’s the most incredible form of aubergine that you can eat. Then again, Egyptians are the only people that would think of that ingenious idea of cutting up aubergine, frying it and putting garlic inside it and leaving it to marinate in vinegar. If you haven’t tried this awesomeness, next time you order Zooba or are having foul from the street, ask for it and it will probably change your life. Well probably not for all of you but still, its taste is truly out of this world. Be warned though, this will cause you to fart like crazy because of the amount of garlic and marination that makes your stomach go on a rollercoaster ride. It’s worth it though. Just avoid being in public for 2-3 hours and you should be fine.

Gebna Beda bel Tamatum (Tomatoes with Barameli Cheese) جبنة بدة بالطماطم 


Hands down, my favorite cheese of all kind; seriously the Swiss ain’t got shit on our “Gebna Beda bel Tamatum”. They can make all the cheese fondues they want and melt it using fancy melting equipment but it will never ever come close to the epicness that is our classic Egyptian cheese. You can literally find it in every Egyptian home. It just depends on what brand you are using. The best kind depends if you enjoy a tiny sour taste that mixes up beautifully with your taste buds. To make Mama’s cheese much more amazing, add a jalapeno pepper and that will definitely be a life changer. Trust me, when you get sick of this snack, you have to change it up a bit to make things more spicy. No pun intended. And don’t forget to add a hint of olive oil.

Final Words

Guys the point here that we’re trying to convey is not that all these foods are just underrated, but our dear mothers put their heart and soul into making it for us. Now do yourself a favor and go thank your mother for making these awesome cuisines. If you feel that we left out a few of your favorite snacks or cuisines, please feel free to comment below.  Have a good one!