2 Things That You Do At Any Egyptian Governmental Organization!


Ever had to do a masla7a hookemeya (any visit to any governmental organization) in this wonderful country of ours? Of course you did. Even foreigners have to go to government organizations here to renew their passports and other stuff like that. We won’t go into details about the trials and tribulations of what happens inside but we will tell you what to expect once entering these institutions. So prepare yourself for some information you already may know!


1. Wait

Guys, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but once you enter any Egyptian governmental organization, you will have to play the waiting game. It’s just a fact of reality. Just like rain drops from the sky, you will wait a while for your turn to do whatever you got to do. Whether it’s getting your driving license or bataka (national ID), or even a birth certificate from your local police station, you will wait for an unprecedented long period of time. While you sit there waiting, you will ponder life and why you are wasting all this time waiting when you can be productive. You will think to yourself some pretty normal thoughts such as “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO FU**ING LONG?” and “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Those are just modern day examples of what might happen. But hey, we can be wrong and you can have a smooth time doing your masla7a if you have a “wasta”.


2. Get Really Confused

Since we’ve established that there will be a very long waiting game at any governmental organization, we also know that you will get very confused. Extremely confused. You will probably sport a “WTF” face for all the confusion you’re about to go through. Look it’s not easy dealing with these missions. But you have to do it. Unless you got a “Wasta”, you have to do it yourself. We have to agree that only connected people got that “wasta”. No pun intended but had to do it. Anyways, I digress. Point is, you will be asked to go to different areas of the institution in order to get a signature from someone that you never met before, only to go back down to another room and meet someone else who will stamp your paper that will send you the 7th floor of the institution to pay at the 7’zna” (cashier) and then go meet the manager and all these different things to get another signature. Now at this particular point, you will inevitably be sporting another “WTF” face and have had enough. But always remember; patience is a virtue.



Look, we know it’s tough. Not everyone has patience. Not everyone can deal with obnoxious noise levels that will eventually drive you mad. However, the light at the tunnel is close only if you walk towards it. Now when it comes to getting these “masala7” done, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. We know that you may never ever leave until the very end of the day when they close but here is what you have to do; wake up early and get it done. There will be many of you who already thought of that plan and when they show up super early, there is still a huge group of people about to do the same thing. BUT HAVE HOPE!!! WHY? BECAUSE IT WILL GET YOU PLACES! Particularly out of that governmental institution and into the Egyptian streets.

If you would like to share any experience that you may have had in a governmental institution, please feel free to comment below. Until then! Happy Eid!!!